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DSN provides IV&V services that provide your management team with critical insights and visibility into the progress and quality of software and technical projects. We can help establish confidence that a project under development will meet its requirements and be deployed on time and within budget. We can also help determine whether a project at the end of the development lifecycle was completed correctly, ensuring that it complies with all user expectations and performs as expected.

Our IV&V Approach

We follow IV&V methodology based on IEEE standards 1012-2004. We start by working to understand your organization’s mission and the goals of the project. We then define and set priorities that align IV&V goals and objectives with stakeholder requirements and expectations.

As the project unfolds, we follow IEEE methodology across all phases of the development lifecycle, ensuring that all project metrics and all vendor contract requirements are met. At each IV&V phase/iteration, we review planned IV&V activities and add new tasks as necessary, allowing us to focus on critical issues as they arise.

Throughout the project, we work side-by-side with your development team. We are also able to provide independent oversight. This oversight helps to ensure that your team can meet all project plans, scheduled and deliverables with fewer hidden errors and anomalies, thus lowering the risk of unexpected cost and schedule overruns or even catastrophic system failure at the time of deployment.

Our IV&V process is scalable and flexible and can be tailored to any size project or unique technical, functional, budgetary and performance requirements. We can also provide IV&V subject matter experts to augment your own team. Trust DSN to bring the critical skills you need to support your IV&V initiatives at all levels.

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It is so nice to work with DSN employees that have their information together! We appreciate all of the work we get from them. They instill solutions to problems and provide prompt updates to management. Thanks DSN

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