Maximization and Protection of Federal Revenue

Our seasoned professionals offer proven knowledge and skills in cost allocation plan and indirect cost rates, federal claiming, rate studies, and federal compliance services to state, county and local units of government. We ensure that your project will meet federal and state regulations as well as, statutory and funding programs requirement.

DSN has extensive experience creating and maintaining cost allocation plans, indirect cost plans and rate studies. Accurate cost allocation and an in-depth knowledge of our clients’ business operations is the key to maximization and protection of federal revenue. In the constantly shifting landscape of federal claiming, we can provide the needed deliverables and guidance to ensure your administrative federal recoveries are fully recognized. DSN’s experience and reputation are invaluable assets for cost plan negotiation and federal approval.

DSN’s staff adheres to the federal guidelines in developing and negotiating a cost allocation plan with the federal cognizant agency.

Accurate rate setting is many times overlooked in governmental operations. Setting the payment rates accurately and determining the appropriate portions to be claimed to federal entitlement programs are key to maximizing the return.

DSN’s key fiscal services include:

  • Cost Allocation Plans developed using DSN’s proprietary cost allocation tool DSNCAP© and other proprietary methods
  • Indirect Cost Rates
  • Cost Reporting
  • Rate Setting
  • Time Management Studies
  • Random Moment Time Studies utilizing DSN’s web-based proprietary DSNRMTS©

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