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Change management is an ongoing, iterative process that may involve many individuals at different levels within the organization. Therefore, managing the people side of change is the number one contributor to the success of any large-scale project.

DSN combines the right expertise with the right approach to dealing with change management at the organizational, departmental or individual levels. We help you smoothly and successfully implement change and achieve lasting benefits through a communication plan that educates, trains and builds awareness.

Our Change Management Approach

Our change management team provides a wide variety of services in support of change management and transition management, including:

  • Change readiness assessment to build the business case for change
  • Job impact analyses and design of targeted workforce transition programs to support the full lifecycle of the change process
  • Development of an overall change strategy and the associated action plans
  • Executive and management coaching on how to be effective change leaders
  • Alignment of the change management strategy with communications and project management plans
  • Development of a sustainability plan to maintain the change
  • Evaluation of the overall change effort and resulting outcomes

We are highly experienced with guiding customers through a structured approach to change management. Our approach to change management focuses on empowerment, communication and collaboration across your organization. By following a deliberate, meticulously planned strategy, we help ensure faster adoption by employees and higher employee satisfaction – providing you with improved customer service and a higher return on investment.

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The Six Sigma team appreciates the perseverance of the DSN team to deliver by finding alternative solutions to the changes in program scope. On behalf of our team, I would like to thank DSN for their efforts and look forward to the production release of the second generation of software. We look forward to seeing the benefits of the software in terms of efficiency and data accuracy.

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