Our Comprehensive Capabilities and Knowledge

DSN’s staff has comprehensive capabilities and knowledge of the federal regulations and statutes applicable to child welfare operations and funding programs. Our staff have a thorough understanding of the costs and administrative activities allowable under each of the federal programs used in funding child welfare, as well as knowing the intricacies of the interrelationships between the programs.

DSN’s key health and human services Include:

  • Child Welfare: Title IV E, IV-B, XIX, XX (SSBG) and TANF
  • Child Welfare and Social Services Revenue Enhancement
  • Maximizing Federal Funding paid on behalf of Children
  • Eligibility Determination and Case Reviews
  • Claims preparation and associate software tools
  • Supplemental Security (SSA & SSI) benefit advocacy
  • Family First Prevention and Services Act (FFPSA) Consulting
  • Medicaid Enterprise Systems (MES): MMIS – E&E -IV&V

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