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We provide IT services for a range of needs, including:

DSN has grown up in the technology industry – from mainframes to hand-held devices and a nearly limitless future. We have been providing excellence since 1989 which has kept us in lock step with this industry, and today we support any technology need our clients may have.

This flexibility, adaptability and growth-focused approach are important to our clients. They routinely ask us to expand the scopes of our projects to meet additional needs – because they see for themselves the difference we make. Rather than risking their business with an unproven, untested service provider, our clients trust DSN to be the long-term partner they need.

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I’ve been involved in a number of technology development projects over the years and it’s rare to see a group communicate this well. The speed at which DSN management is identifying issues and addressing problems is outstanding.

Procurement Manager, State Governmental Agency

It’s so nice to work with DSN employees that have their information together! We appreciate all of the work we get from them. They instill solutions to problems and provide prompt updates to management. Thanks DSN.

Hiring Manager, Major Insurance Company

As a member in the project management team, I wanted to extend a special thank you to DSN management and employees on our team. You guys have always worked exceptionally hard without any complaint whatsoever and put forward great code. Moving forward, hopefully our schedule will be a bit more ‘normal.’ Thanks again for all the long hours and patience!

Project Manager, Midwest Energy Provider